CANNY STORY Webserial Showcase

Canny Story Webserial Showcase

There’s a plethora of great web-serialized stories out there. CANNY STORY was created to highlight the most intriguing web serials that I’ve come across. You might hear from readers and sometimes, from the writers themselves.


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Starchaser: a Space Opera

Starchaser is a Space Opera by Tonya R. Moore, serialized at JukePop Serials, Wattpad and TextNovel. Starchaser is updated sporadically with updated chapters announced on Tonya’s blog, Twitter and Facebook Page.

The Story

Starchaser by Tonya R. MooreStarchaser Laila sets out across the galaxies in search of the ultimate trump card to help her to wrest control of the leviathan ship, Hegira from those who would seek to steal…

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Serial SitRep #1


With three-four serial stories running at a time, I figured it would be nice to give a progress report on each story, once in a while.

BLOOD BINDS – In Progress

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure
Hoping to get intel on the blood grudge, Hel and Charls pay a visit to Jubal, the possession specialist but they’re in for an ugly surprise.

Coming Soon: Chapter 11 – “Prodigal Son”


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Another day in paradise.

New Blog Address, Email Snafu & More

The New Blog Address Please update your bookmarks: my blog’s url has been changed to

Hibiscus in full bloom.

Changes with Sally Ember, Ed.D

Changes with Sally Ember, Ed.D & GuestsToday, I have a guest spot on the live show “Changes with Sally Ember, Ed.D & Guests.” Join us today, 9/17/2014 10am-11am EST.

You can watch the visit the event page on Google+ to join the Hangout or visit Sally’s website to view the listing of completed shows.

You can also watch on Youtube:

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I love the texture here…

FlashFic: Harlequin

A clock-work doll sits atop a wobbly mountain of rubble. He has dry, empty sockets where his eyes should be.